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Not your Average Van Line

Wildcat Van Lines is reimagining what it means to be a van line. Our dedicated U-load concept provides customers flexibility and cost savings during the course of their move. Just as refreshing, we're not a corporate giant beholden to shareholders. Our personalized approach is born from small business roots that yields big time results. Learn more about why Wildcat Van Lines is the superior choice for your long-distance move.

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Dedicated. Expedited.

Wildcat Van Lines doesn't stack loads. That means customers can rely on us to deliver their belongings when it is convenient for them.


Most van lines stack multiple loads on one truck or trailer and deliver when it makes sense for them, sometimes more than 20 days after pickup! With Wildcat you will have a dedicated truck or trailer with only your belongings. That means we can deliver in 1-5 days to anywhere in the contiguous United States. We even offer same-day delivery for certain moves. 


Fiercely Dedicated to: Convenience

Personalized Experience

Our customers have the luxury of having one point of contact throughout their journey. Our greatest priority is you.

From your free consultation to the moment the last item is unloaded at the end of your journey, one of Wildcat Van Lines' relocation experts will be with you every step of the way. All of our employees are committed to making your move a smooth and enjoyable process. After the first call you'll be on a first name basis with your assigned relocation expert. We're people helping people.

Fiercely Dedicated to: You

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Affordable Alternative

Our dedicated U-load concept is cheaper than the full-service van lines. We provide an upfront fixed transportation rate. No reweighs. No hassle.

Since our pricing is based on mileage traveled you won't have to worry about the price of your shipment increasing. You should know what you're paying before you sign the contract. We promise to never increase the transportation rate due to a reweigh. Our customers save on average 5-10% on the cost of their interstate move compared to our full-service competitors. 


Fiercely Dedicated to: Transparency 

Loading and Unloading

If you don't want to load or unload yourself, don't sweat (literally)! Wildcat Van Lines can help you coordinate labor through third-party moving companies.

Our customers have the option to load and unload themselves or hire third-party movers. Wildcat Van Lines has relationships with well-respected moving companies across the country that we can recommend for loading and unloading services. Our network consists only of licensed and insured moving companies. No day laborers! These are local companies committed to doing a great job.

Fiercely Dedicated to: Service

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