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Fiercely Dedicated.

Wildcat Van Lines is not your typical van line. Our dedicated U-load concept allows customers the freedom to dictate how their interstate relocation goes, not the moving company. Since our truck or trailer will only have your goods stored inside, we can deliver on the date you choose, guaranteed.* Say goodbye to 15-20 day delivery windows! Same-day delivery is available on certain moves.

Our customers have the option to load and unload the truck or trailer themselves, or allow Wildcat Van Lines to help them coordinate the labor licensed and insured third-party moving companies. We have relationships with highly rated moving companies across the U.S. that we can recommend for loading or unloading services. These are local companies with excellent reputations that genuinely care about doing a great job.

We offer a personalized interstate moving experience. From the first consultation to the moment the last item is unloaded at your new destination, a trained relocation professional will be assigned to your move and will be with you every step of your journey. You'll have the direct line of the Wildcat Van Lines professional, not some "1-800" number to a call center. Moving is hectic and stressful, which is why it's important to have somebody you trust and know by name just one phone call away.

Our U-Load Moving Process

Step 1



Call Wildcat Van Lines for a free consultation. A relocation expert will tailor your relocation specific to your needs.

Step 2

Pack & Load


Customers have the option to load the truck themselves, or allow Wildcat Van Lines to help them coordinate loading (and unloading) help.

Step 3



Once the truck is loaded Wildcat Van Lines will safely and expeditiously deliver your goods to the desired destination.

Step 4



Once the truck is unloaded you're all done. Mission accomplished!

*Wildcat Van Lines can deliver to anywhere in the contiguous United States in 1-5 days. Due to USDOT regulation our drivers are permitted 10 hours of driving time per day. The delivery date ultimately depends on the range and size of the move. Please consult with a Wildcat Van Lines relocation specialist to learn more.

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